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Category Archives: Project Management


As 2012 comes to a close we were able to push one more project live, YourCashLink.com.

Your Cash Link hired us to come up with a fun, user-friendly site that would allow users of their site to earn money by filling out surveys and completing offers.

Along with designing the site we also developed their entire user management system. This allowed Your Cash Link to manage offers, users, and payouts. It also allowed their users to keep track of what they were earning and get paid!

Are you looking for help with your website? Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Field House of Shelburne Vermont

As February came to a close we were able to wrap up months of hard work and put the new website for the Field House of Shelburne, Vermont live.

The Field House was referred to us by the great staff at Shelburne Health and Fitness after we re-did their site a few months back.

The Field House staff had inherited a site when they bought the business that wasn’t easy for them to update, wasn’t easy for the user to navigate, and lacked an easy way to accept payments from its customers. When we began the journey of developing the site they stressed that these three pieces were the most crucial to any new website.


With the New Year already underway, we thought we’d give you some advice about how to keep adding content to your site throughout 2011.

Add/Expand Your Press Room

Granted, not every company needs a press room, but if you find yourself getting inquiries from the press, or you’re eager to get more exposure in the media, a press room is a great place to add the kind of content that journalists feed on. A few ideas for content in pressrooms include:

  • Press releases that incorporate video – whether it’s to announce a new product, new location, product demonstrations, or even executive announcements, video content is perfect for a press room.
  • Podcasts that set you apart as a subject matter expert. Broadcast your industry knowledge on a regular schedule, and have it produced so that holds some branding value as well.
  • Background information and executive bios that will help journalists write stories with the most accurate information.


When you’re a small business like us, you learn to find and pick the tools that make doing business as easy as possible. Invoicing is no exception. While businesses of every size can outsource this important task, there are many that decide to keep invoicing tasks in-house.

The good news is that there are a lot of invoicing applications out there to help. The bad news is that because there are so many, you may find yourself spending countless hours weighing the pros and cons of each one before you finally decide on the application that’s best for your business.

We took the time to bring you five of our favorite – including the one that we currently use.

Fresh Books – www.freshbooks.com